Some Open Graph Meta Tags Are Missing

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Hey, Guys Today I will explain to you how to fix some open graph meta tags that are missing problems in rank math, if you go to rank math SEO Analysis Section this problem will populate.

So basically if you have done all in the rank math configuration wizard and put the right information but still facing this issue you have to check with the Rank math Support Team if you are buying the Pro or Premium Version they will help you. if you are using the free version this article is useful for you.

Why this error some open graph Meta Tags Are Missing in Rank math

You have to be aware of why id happening and a couple of reasons behind it.

  • Minification or cache plugin sometimes creates this problem.
  • During the rankmath configuration, the wizard put information that is not correct ( User ID or App ID).
  • HTTP (gzip) compression. is enabled in the cache plugin ( not recommended to disable it ) but you have to check this as well.
  • The open graph images dimension is not set correctly ( image mate tags are missing)
some open graph meta tags are missing

Today I will fix it very easily if some of the tags are missing I’m going to add the tag manually I feel the error is the Twitter card image is missing or an open graph is missing so I’m adding this as manually in the header.php make sure you have to permission if not so you can enable. define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', false )
some open graph meta tags are missing

After Applying this meta tag you can validate it on the website opengraph

Open Graph Preview by elearninginfoit

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