Best Ways To Uninstall McAfee Agent

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Today I will explain to you the Best Ways To Uninstall McAfee Agent from any platform like windows mac Linux machine, a couple of reasons behind uninstalling the McAfee agent, maybe switch the antivirus, maybe be McAfee agent file is corrupt, the machine is not communicating from EPO server, or maybe some troubleshooting steps.

Best Practices

  • Try to remove the McAfee agent from EPO it will work only when the system is in communication
  • Remove agent from command, if you are not able to delete the agent from EPO server.
  • Above mention task is not work then you have to use the product remove tool ( always keep it as the last option)

Take the downtime if you perform these activities on any production server. as per the industry best practices, if you uninstall any program from the system, restart is good practice.

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Mcafee agent uninstallation error list.

McAfee agent is under the managed mode you can’t uninstall it from the control panel because there is uninstallation protection so you can’t remove it. you can use the third-party uninstaller application for agent removal, it will work but it is not recommended.

  • mcafee agent cannot be removed because other products are still using it.
  • mcafee agent cannot be removed while it is in managed mode.

In this article, I will explain 3 official ways to uninstall the McAfee agent.

3 Best Ways to uninstall mcafee agent

  • McAfee Agent uninstall from EPO server (if it is communicating )
  • Remove McAfee agent from command prompt (Admin right is required )
  • Uninstall McAfee agent from Product removal tools ( Download tools from Mcafee Download Center Grant Number is required)

Remove mcafee agent from ePO Server 

login to your EPO server and make sure you have admin right or right permission set in your Account for system tree access to find the target system and apply the deleted action.

important:- System should be communicating with ePO server

System Tree select my organization go-to quick find put the IP address or hostname if you know anyone, after entering, you will get the system in your EPO server check the system communication before delete

find the system in mcafee epo server like this
Figure #1 System Find

If the system is communicated select the system go to the Action button at the bottom open the Directory management expend it and go to delete

Delete the system form ePO server
Figure #2 Delete the System

Remove McAfee agent on next agent server communication. check this box once your system will communicate it will be deleted.

remove mcafee agent from epo server
Figure #3 check box for removal

Now, wait for 1 hour of default agent server communication time either you can send the wake-up call from the client system. as below mention.

System is Delete from epo server
Figure #4 System is deleted

Follow this step to client-server communication wake-up call

Send the wake up call from endpoint system to epo server
Figure #5 Wake-up call from client to server

Remove mcafee agent from the Command Prompt

Check the system which has McAfee agent installed and find this fileName (Frmist.exe) you can remove the agent use this file as command WIN + R will open run windows just time type cmd this will open CD\ and put the file path location and put the file /forceuninstall and ENTER make sure you have admin right.

Remove Mcafee agent from Command Prompt
Figure #6 remove the agent from CMD

f this file is shown check the file path and run this command

if the latest version of McAfee agent follow this command 5.x or later

C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\x86\frminst.exe" /forceuninstall

if legacy Agent version is installed using below command

"C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\x86\frminst.exe" /forceuninstall

Once you run this command McAfee agent uninstallation will start the like below mention screenshot,after uninstall you can skip the restart.

remove mcafee agent from command
Figure #7 Agent installation is going on

Uninstall mcafee agent from Product removal tools

This tool is only available for McAfee grand number if you have you can log in to the McAfee download center and download the file 1st unzip and you will see the file name like (McAfee endpoint product removal tool) make sure the account has admin rights.

If you are using these tools for uninstall restart is required if you reinstall any McAfee pro reinstallation

Delete mcafee agent from Product removal Tools
Figure #8 McAfee product removal tools running

This tool is very useful full you can uninstall the other product as well just click to accept. 

Remove Mcafee agent mcafee product removal tool
Figure #9 Accept

Below the Screenshot, there is a McAfee agent just click this box and click to remove. it will take 10 minutes.

remove mcafee agent from mcafee prodcut removal tool
Figure #10 Select the McAfee agent

will see the pop like below make sure A restart is recommended before installing any McAfee products.

Best Ways To Uninstall McAfee Agent
Figure #11 Agent is uninstalled

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