Best Ways To Create Sandbox VM Image

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Hello everyone today we are going to learn what are the best ways to create sandbox VM images for malware analysis.

Currently, I am using the Trellix Intelligence sandbox some people are called McAfee ATD advanced threat defence this is a McAfee product but now the name is changed from McAfee to Trellix.

I am going to create Windows 10 virtual analyser image for the sandbox.


I will share the list of activities and basically the checklist that you have to follow during the analyser image creation.

Required Platform for Sandbox VM Image

A list of the operating systems is required for the VM image creation for more details mention the Trellix intelligent sandbox official article to system requirement and operating system requirement

  • For the client machine, you can use Windows XP to Windows 10 with the specific version.
  • For the server platform, you can use it from Windows Server 2003 to 2019
VM analyser image name
Operating systemRAMDisk SpaceImage Name
Windows 7 32-bit102414 GBwin7x64sp1.img
Windows 7 64-bit 204825–30 GBwin7x64sp1.img
Windows 8 /8.1 32bit to 64bit204825–30 GBwin8p0x32.img/win8p0x64.img/win8p1x64.img
Windows 10 Pro / Enter307225–30 GBwin10p0x64.img
Windows Server 2008204814 GBwin2k8sp1.img
Windows Server 2012/R2204825–30 GBwin2k12.img / win2k12r2.img
Windows Server 2016204825–30 GBwin2k16.img
Windows Server 2019307225–30 GBwin2k19.img

Required software for VM Analyzer Image

The list of applications is Legacy and most of the application versions are end-of-life. most of the application is discontinued so if you download this application for a VM analyzer make sure you have to check no Malware or something.

SoftwareVersion Details
Microsoft Office2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019
Microsoft Outlook2010
Adobe Flash Player software and plug-in13
Adobe Flash Player plug-in only32.0.0.238
Adobe Reader9 to DC
jdk-7u2532-bit /64bit
jre-7u2532-bit /64bit
jdk-8u10132-bit /64bit
jre-8u10132-bit /64bit
Mozilla Firefoxall versions until 63.0
Internet Explorer6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11
Google Chromeall versions until 70.0
Microsoft Edge79 – 93

Virtual Machine Creation in VMware Workstation

This process is required by VMware Workstation so if you have already VMware Workstation make sure the version should be 9 or later, follow this link and you can download the latest version of VMware Workstation 16 as well.

Checklist for VM image Step by Step. (Windows 10)

  1. Windows 10 installation in VMware Workstation.
  2. Set the administrator account (windows10/11) Set Password- cr@cker42
  3. Microsoft Office installation and activation.
  4. Adobe Flash Player installation.
  5. Adobe Reader installation.
  6. Java installation JDK/JRE.
  7. All recommended browser installation.
  8. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installation
  9. VM Provisioner Tool installation
  10. Upload vmdk file to Trellxi intelligence sandbox | McAfee advanced threat defence ATD
  11. Log in to the Console and got Image management select your vmdk image and put the file name according to your operating system.
  12. And click to convert and check the log under the system

How to upgrade your old ATD appliance from 4. x to 5. x follow this post

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