The Ultimate Guide to Trellix SaaS Migration

Trellix SaaS Migration

Trellix ePO – SaaS is an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) rendition of Trellix ePO – On-prem, designed for multi-tenancy. Hosted on the reliable AWS cloud infrastructure, it offers accessibility through standard web browsers. Transitioning from your existing Trellix ePO – On-prem setup to the cloud is seamless with the ePO – SaaS Migration … Read more

Best Ways to Install McAfee ePO Update 14

Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator Update-14

Today we are going to learn how to install McAfee EPO update 14 (McAfee Cumulative Update 14) and what is the best practice to implement an update in the ePO server. What is new in cumulative update 14 If you are using McAfee epolicy orchestrator that case it is mandatory to install this update Because … Read more

Best Ways To Create Sandbox VM Image

How-to-Create Sandbox VM Image

Hello everyone today we are going to learn what are the best ways to create sandbox VM images for malware analysis. Currently, I am using the Trellix Intelligence sandbox some people are called McAfee ATD advanced threat defence this is a McAfee product but now the name is changed from McAfee to Trellix. I am … Read more