What is data science

what is data science by elearninginfoit

Today we are going to learn what is data science. The industry is something you may have heard many times. The internet of things, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning make our lives easier. However, it is important to have the correct data for the technology to be useful. Let me ask you a … Read more

what is cyber security

What is Cyber Security

We will be discussing some very interesting topics today. what is cyber security The digitalization of cyber security has created many opportunities for all, particularly for businesses and enterprises. You can shop online, read books news, and do mobile banking. But, everything indeed comes with a cost.You are all connecting digital assets. Our confidentiality and … Read more

Why Cloud Security is important

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Cloud Security refers to protecting cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure against cyber-attacks. Cloud adoption increases as more important applications and data migrate to the cloud.The CSP is typically responsible for software networking and cloud facilities, but not security. For example, how CSPs resources are used and configured. These gaps are filled by cloud security services. … Read more

What is XDR Technology

What is XDR Technology

What is XDR Technology, the XDR is cross-control point security in real-time it allows enterprises to make use of the telemetry of all threat vectors to provide high-confidence threat analysis across all control points, as well as third-party software as well as automatically reducing, recognized threats with the aim of giving security analysts the ability to … Read more

What is the Log4j Vulnerability

what is the log4j vulnerability

Today we’re going to talk about What Is The Log4j Vulnerability, how bad is it, and what you should be doing to protect yourself? Log4j is an open source to be Curtis, Apache logging framework or logging library in a simple term used by Java, even though Java is not a commonly used language that’s … Read more

How to Install VMware Tools

How to Install Vmware Tools

This article may be helpful for you because today I will explain to you How to Install VMware Tools in multiple operating systems in one place to get all information, We are going to install VMware tools below the list of Operating systems. Windows | Red hat | Mac | CentOS | Kali Linux | Porret Security | … Read more