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We will be discussing some very interesting topics today. what is cyber security The digitalization of cyber security has created many opportunities for all, particularly for businesses and enterprises. You can shop online, read books news, and do mobile banking. But, everything indeed comes with a cost.
You are all connecting digital assets.

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Our confidentiality and sensitivity data will be more sensitive the higher the risk. The question is, then, how can companies be secure? How do we secure this data? Cybersecurity is achieved through cybersecurity. We protect and secure the data.

Let’s find out more about cyber security. More than 6,900 languages are spoken around the world. This language is our culture about people. All these people can communicate with one media, the internet.
Everybody can communicate via the internet with large, identical bytes of data zeros or one. Zoom in, and you will see that there are 3.6 million people online, communicating via social media and apps. Even though they may use different languages, it is all digital data.

How can we protect data that is stored on the internet? Internet is like an iceberg. This is just a small part of the iceberg. The saddest fact of all is the so-called public web. It returns the results from any search you make on Google. However, deep beneath the surface is what we call a deep internet.
Here is where confidential data is kept. What did you enter? Amazon. What was your private message in the past? What private message did you send to your Facebook page? These are all confidential data.

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The data is still accessible. Although it’s connected to the internet, it is protected. A middle layer of dark-baked is also part of our servers. This layer is hidden and can be accessed.

 It is possible to book a hotel room, order a meal, and all of this via our mobile apps. We create data every time we use our phone to make a purchase or place an order, and we do this by using our mobile apps. This is the beginning of a golden age. 

This data is available from many public IP addresses. There are tons of ways to exploit it. Here are other cyber security professionals. With the help of beautiful software, they are trying to protect servers and computers. Antivirus software is what we use. It is a form of antivirus software. Yes. You will hear it if you have a mobile, laptop, or operating system.

This protects your data from being malicious. They are trying to steal your data and not just your network. They want to access the data without authorization. You may have a mobile banking account but lack rupees. They will steal your money if they have access to it.

Authorized modification is when you have certain contents on your laptop. If they alter that content, it becomes base or irrelevant if hacked. This is the third type we want to protect. Unauthorized deletion is something that a cyber security colleague, or cyber-attack colleague, will always have.
Data loss occurs when they erase your data.

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Let's look at some of the most common cyberattacks and how they can impact you. Malware is the first type of cyberattack. This is a cold with malicious intent. Typically, you can steal or destroy data from your computer whenever you see a soft. Why is this happening?
This is malware in your lab. This is the second type of cyberattack. You hope to add a hook and then get data. They do exactly that. They send you an email with a trusted email ID. This will let you know what to believe. Then they ask you to click on something or download something.
They also do fishing, which is the third type. A password attack is a cyber attack. They will attempt to guess your password using all possible combinations. Once they have your password, they will log in to your account with malicious intent. This could include transferring money or data. Next, they could attempt to hack into your account.

DDoS attack. Distributing denial-of-service means creating unnecessarily large traffic volumes so that the service provider cannot serve the customers. You might have a thousand customers and create another fake one to meet customer requests, such as Amazon. It is available on the date that you desire.

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Because thousands of links have been created to reach the same seller, you cannot access that site. This is known as denial of service. Next is the man in a cyber attack. You are trying to perform some activity. For example, if you’re doing banking, it is a transaction between you and the bank.

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A man who comes between you and the bank to steal data is also stealing data from you. He’s also exchanging the information and using it for his purposes. This is known as man. Model advertisement is the next type of cyberattack. If a virus has already attacked an advertisement on the internet, it will download something as soon as you click that advertisement.

And it creates a hacking possibility for Eva. With this note, I would like to say that cyber attack is very, very important. That’s where these industries are getting a lot of cyber attack attention. So please be tuned with us and then we will learn more about cyber security.

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