Install McAfee ePO update12

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What is Cumulative Update 12 and how to Install McAfee ePO update12 why do we need it, yeah it’s very important to point if you are using an EPO server you have to apply this update to the patch log4j 2,17 vulnerability in your server and this is the mandatory update. CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046


  • EPO Server Access (Windows Server RDP) with good user permission)
  • Agenthandler Access (Windows Server RDP) with good user permission)If you have
  • SQL Database Access With must-have DB owner permissions
  • Update 12 file download from McAfee portal
  • Downtime for EPO server.

Update Process | Install McAfee ePO update12

Download the Cumulative Update 12 files from the McAfee Download centre and transfer that file to your EPO server extract this zip file and there is one ePOUpdater.exe file so you have to run as administrator and make sure whatever account you are using for installation make sure that account has good privilege ok at least the user able to execute the exe file in EPO server.

Install McAfee ePO update12
Cumulative Update 12 installation

After executing the epoupdater you have to put the database name, database server name, port number, username, and password make sure whatever account you are using for the SQL communication account has DB owner permission required and just click I agree and continue

After putting all details and clicking to continue it will check on the database what type of component you checked in your EPO server and whether it is supported update 12 or not if some of the extension is not supported you have to upgrade it or remove it if you’re check-in for testing purpose,

That is the way only and make sure if any compatibility related to TIE threat intelligence exchange make sure that extension does not have the backward compatibility so you have to upgrade the TIE server as well as otherwise you will see the error under the server setting under the TIE of Topology there is error extension compatibility error.

Download and installation Cumulative Update 12
Download and installation Cumulative Update 12

During the installation, if the McAfee services did not start automatically you have to start manually and make sure once the installation is done you have to restart your EPO server.

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After rebooting, the EPO server you can validate update 12 is successfully done or not login to your EPO server and click on the menu it will reflect on the menu option bottom side. check out the below screenshot

epo update 12 installation
Validate update 12 installation in EPO server.

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