Install McAfee ePO update12

McAfee ePO 5.10 Cumulative Update 12

What is Cumulative Update 12 and how to Install McAfee ePO update12 why do we need it, yeah it’s very important to point if you are using an EPO server you have to apply this update to the patch log4j 2,17 vulnerability in your server and this is the mandatory update. CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 Requirement … Read more

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense ATD Upgradation

Advanced Threat Defense ATD Upgradation

What is Advanced Threat Defense ATD Advanced threat detection ATD solutions are truly many. They can protect web email endpoints, network traffic file shares, and much, much more from advanced threats. There might be multiple deployment options like on-premise or cloud deployments. And so on. You might use just ATD for web or web and … Read more

What is High Availability

high availability architecture

Hey, today I will explain to you, What is high availability? How do you make replications highly available? And what is all the talk about those nines? Let’s find out. High availability is a huge topic. So we’re not going to be able to cover everything in this post. So we’ll make a serious out … Read more