McAfee ePO 5.10.0          Update 14

What is new in Update 14

How to Update your ePolicy Orchestrator Server with Update 14

Update 14 Logo replaced from Mcafee to Trellix Now

Auto-Expand Tree Nodes  System Tree settings

Security Hardening

Resolves the low-risk cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability attack in ePO.



Resolved an issue where Custom ePO Dashboard loads

Chat Box

The processing of properties file with more than 3000 characters causes data truncation error in SQL.

Update tool stability

ePO Cumulative update Roll-Back removes Short Names from Files. This is resolved.

ePO 5.10 Cumulative Update 12 and Cumulative Update 13 installer replaces 

Functional stability 

The ePO server list on the Trellix Agent is rewritten and could not connect to the server.

User created query groups are removed during install, upgrade or uninstall of extensions.

User Interface 

Resolves an issue in displaying the Show related system details from the results of the Applied Client Task query. 

Resolves an incorrect verbiage mapped for Assigned Path in Policy Catalog.

Upgraded third-party libraries to enhance the security

Upgraded Apache version to 2.4.54

Upgraded Tomcat version to 9.0.64

Upgraded Open SSL version to 1.0.2zf-fip

Upgraded Java version to 1.8.0_341

Resolved issue

Update 14 is cumulative and includes fixes from all previous McAfee ePO 5.10.0 update releases.